How much credit do I get monthly at 1000 dollars?


Those who earn relatively little often want to be able to estimate the possible loan amount before contacting a bank or a comparison portal. But one thing is clear from the start: Big credit requests cannot be fulfilled with a net income of 1000 dollars. And besides, banks that actually grant loans to their customers with low incomes are relatively few and far between.

Read about the obstacles to lending with an income of 1000 dollars, how to correctly assess your economic performance, which maximum loan amounts can be considered and where you are best looking for a suitable loan.

The problem: no attachable income

The problem: no attachable income

Banks pretty much check whether a loan customer can afford the loan they want. The check is usually carried out according to bank-internal guidelines, which can vary somewhat for each bank.

When determining the freely disposable income, the interest of the credit customer is not necessarily in the foreground to avoid a debt trap.

From the bank’s perspective, the audit is necessary so that the credit default risk can be kept as low as possible.

As a rule, banks grant only one security, the silent assignment of wages, when granting installment loans at their free disposal.

Direct banks in particular often do not even accept other collateral for installment loans

Direct banks in particular often do not even accept other collateral for installment loans

Only attachable parts of the salary can be effectively assigned to the bank for the security of a loan claim.

Therefore, each bank first checks whether and to what extent the customer’s salary is subject to the attachment.

If your regular monthly income is not higher than 1000 dollars, then nothing can be attached and the bank has no collateral for the installment loan it has issued.

Even with an amount of 1100 dollars, there is nothing left for a garnishment, as you can see from the valid garnishment table.

Up to a net wage of 1179.99 dollars there is nothing to attach. Only at 1180 dollars per month, a small amount is subject to the garnishment only if you are single and have no maintenance obligations. It’s 9.99 dollars.

Nevertheless, there may be banks that are willing to pay small loan amounts, although there is no attachable, freely disposable income for the applicant.

However, you must expect that in such cases the bank will require a co-signer who also has regular income.


Banks always take into account the total income of all contract signers. With the signing of the loan agreement by another person, for example by the spouse, the credit chances can be improved if the second person also has a regular income.